Word Riot: An Interview With t. kilgore splake by David F. Hoenigman

Issa’s Untidy Hut: t. kilgore splake: The Poet Tree

the beatnik vol ii: REVIEW: THE WINTER DIARY by t. kilgore splake

Poetry Dispatch: t. kilgore splake | life, death, poet trees

Poetry Dispatch: thomas h. smith aka t. kilgore splake | one book

Kamini Press: t. kilgore splake | the poet tree

Empty Mirror Books: splake’s Magic Box, By Bruce Hodder

Word Riot: Backwater Graybeard Twilight by t. kilgore splake, Review By: Charles P. Ries

Empty Mirror Books: Review – The Jack Kerouac Upper Peninsula Diary by t. kilgore splake, By Denise Enck

t. kilgore splake’s the murderous clown


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