Month: February 2016

crossing brautigan creek

RUSTY TRUCK PRESS editor scot young recently published a selection of my poetry in a side fold chapbook edition titled “crossing brautigan creek.”

scot like myself has for a long time appreciated the poetry in several of the richard brautigan books. he has a recent collection of his own brautigan poems titled “brautigan meets bukowski,” also produced by “rusty truck press.”

the “rusty truck” chapbook has a very special design with “die cuts” for the book’s title and the author’s name “splake.” in addition, the book has a very attractive feather stitch binding.

nationally-known poet alan catlin, of schenectady, new york, recently described “crossing brautigan creek” as a “unique idea – something from the good old days when the small presses did strange new things.”




forgotten works

brief moment

pausing at brautigan creek

piney woods path

beyond cobblestone chimney

american mine ruins

below granite cliffs

watery musical melodies

gentle reminder

of richard’s fine poetry

catfish friends


perfect days

marcus a-plus

also remembering

rocking chair miles

nights long ago

songs for baby daughter

soothing words

taking anxious casey

back to sweet dreams

# # # #