Month: November 2015


the upper peninsula color has gone and the leaves are now on the ground. yesterday’s snow in colorado means that shortly calumet and the keweenaw peninsula will begin our season in the “long white.” also, this is the time of the “hols” – thanksgiving and christmas – and then the celebration of a brave and brand new year.


during the last little passage of time, i have enjoyed success publishing my photographs and poems in a variety of small press journals. i have had cover photographs as well as poems printed by THE MOON located in fort wayne, indiana. in addition, there have been several short splake writings in the haiku magazines – CHEAP SEATS TICKET TO RIDE and BEAR CREEK– both publications having a home in colorado. finally, i had poems in the new issue of THE AVOCET, which has a literary base in fountain hills, arizona.


looking ahead, i have two books in the process of completion. editor scott young of RUSTY TRUCK in missouri is wrapping a splake collection of poems. also, dustin pickering, editor of TRANSCENDENT-ZERO PRESS is finishing up another collection of splake poetry in a book titled “splake.”


Cover of


moon, july 2015



class of ’55


honoring alumni
prom and athletic victories
marrying children job
filling house beautiful
forgetting seeker
senior who quit
wanting something more



cheap seats ticket to ride



kerouac followers

tranning tripping roadsters

without facebook pages



to be seventeen again

driving ’48 merc

friday night sock-hops

dancing with young girls



chilling with brautigan

trout fishing in america

no linkedin connection



escaping years ago

leaving thorazine fog

with sanitarium shrink

his rorschach magic



today’s literary journals

computer process

submission manager

password necessary



bear creek haiku



before religion



saints of stained glass

blood of jesus

foot of crucifixion

god waiting

red desert shadows

spiritual beginning

time before eden


long lonely hours

checking empty box

no mail today

listening for call

telephone silent



Cover of The Avocet, Fall 2015 edition

avocet, fall, 2015



beyond autumn



cliffs nightime climb

steady trail steps

sudden cold wind rising

rush of arctic air

canadian interiiors

frigid lake superior depths

stormy lightning flashes

illuminating heavy clouds

light rain staining parka

dark wilderness trek

seeking hidden spirits

humans cannot see



Cover of
the moon, october, 2015



Cover of

the moon, november, 2015




beyond the shadows



fading bardic swamper

gray wrinkled skin

escaping society

youtube facebook

glamorous ego trips

people learning reality

from hand held technology

graybeard poet

chasing birds and butterflies

back to first man’s voice

dawn of earth’s beginning