Month: October 2015


editor robert zoschke
“street corner press”
sister bay, wisconsin

i am extremely pleased to have several splake poems and photographs published in the new edition of robert zoschke’s excellent literary magazine “the lowdown.”  the ‘z-man’ is a well-known author, poet, and publisher living and working in sister bay, wisconsin.

a splake photograph shares “the lowdown” covers with a painting by lawrence ferlinghetti.  ferlinghetti is a well-known american poet, painter, and owner of the “city lights bookstore and press” in san francisco, california.  my cover photograph is of the “poet tree” which is located in the “cliffs,” a few miles north of my calumet – michigan upper peninsula – living and writing  home.


“the poet tree”


the featured writer of the new issue of “the lowdown” is the late jack micheline.  there are nine previously unpublished poems by the noted san francisco “beat poet.”  i am very pleased to have a signed copy of micheline’s “sixty-seven poems for downtrodden saints” in my personal library.

other poets in the new “the lowdown” are antler, milwaukee, wisconsin poet, gerry nicosia, corte madera, california writer,  alan catlin, schenectady, new york, poet, and several poems and paintings by the late norbert blei, an artist who lived and worked in ellison bay, wisconsin.

because street corner press editor zoschke and i live in the climates of northern wisconsin and michigan’s upper peninsula, the annual winter seasons of “the long white” are very important considerations for us.  in the new “the lowdown” edition there are two splake winter poems and several ‘long white’ photographs.


long white


huge snowflakes falling

arctic wind chilling

simon and garfunkel

“slow down you move too fast”

warm sleepy bodies

making love again



coming winter


bearded geezer

climbing cliffs

slow painful steps

path curving upward

chilly autumn night

hazy full moon

scattered flashing stars

passing poor rock piles

closer to granite edge

soon graying poet

floating over trees

on the other side


DSCN1395 DSCN2332 DSCN2520

DSCN1392 DSCN1394 DSCN2417

kccliffswinter DSCN5007 DSCN5009


winter ‘long white’ photographs


the following are a few of the splake poems in “the lowdown” pages.  in addition there are another two splake photographs.  the photos are of the “cliffs” poet tree after an autumn thunderstorm and the inside of an old miner’s house in the gratiot location.



brave new world



standing at breakwater end

soul lost in superior depths

dreaming of mother

her amniotic fluid

safe peaceful home

before doctor’s slap





hoping to leave

print in dust

floss on the wind

scratch across granite

sign to others

i was here


vanilla candle


lonely nights

bedtime hours

blowing out flame

deeply inhaling

rich penetrating scent

remembering her perfume

our good times together


“poet tree” after autumn thunderstorm


miner’s house at gratiot location