Month: April 2015


kilgore splake’s most recent chapbook “last train home” was edited by emilie ruiz and published by “gage press” in battle creek, michigan. the general theme of splake’s “last train home” are poems that describe the memories of a graybeard artist. his book begins with an excerpt from the hank williams country-western ballad “i’m so lonesome i could cry.”

“hear that lonesome whippoorwill

he sounds too blue to fly

the midnight train is whining low

i’m so lonesome i could cry”



last train home cover

last train home cover



sabbath truth

pentecostal sunday service

mercy river choir

singing loud hallelujahs

solemn prayers to god

while i believe in birds

making wilderness music

writing poems capturing

freedom of their songs



quiet nevada yonlands

empty desert waiting

new crazy dreamers

escaping civilized life

seeking mysterious something

that doesn’t have a name

previous ghosts forgotten

big blond girl

not trusting people

couple of cowboys

suffering broken hearts

john huston’s film

arthur miller in shadows

wrestling wild horses

hoping to discover

way back home



steady rain

cold early may

old chevy van

full of mice shit

scattered acorn shells

wet sleeping bag

damp levis socks sweater

clammy chilly feel

threatening hypothermia

deep forest hours

blackest time of night

noises getting louder

wolves moving closer

last beer hours ago

radio signal distant

batteries almost dead

d.j.’s fading whispers

country-western music weak

nashville wlac

mind wildly racing

waking early

brain-killing hangover

lost in eternal darkness

joining ghost pack

flying above treetops

early morning mists

chasing hot blood scents


beginning of forever

early morning silence

city limit sign

fading in rearview mirror

keweenaw co-op stop

tranny petrol fill

holiday quick-mart pause

grabbing two bundles

dry campfire wood

large styrene cup

six hour old coffee

yesterday’s mining gazette

on pickup seat

bottle of jack d.

brown paper sack

black label prime

after coffee push

solitary traveler

tavern’s last call done

too early for morning workers

as f. scott said

dark night of the soul

always three o’clock

crossing portage liftbridge

passing through houghton

quiet university campus

chassell baraga l’anse

headlights silhouetting

miles of pine forest shadows

large green highway sign

big bay marquette escanaba

wfxd-103 noise

uncle elmer aho

midnight to dawn

country-western music express

program celebrating two hanks

ranger snow’s

“a fool such as i”

sad williams voice

“cold cold heart”

down hill into munising

radio sounds dim

listening instead

to steady thrummm

rhythm of highway wheels turning

hi yo silver away

ford ranger’s horses

pistons softly purring

dark distant hours

driving through kingston plains

sudden storm exploding

lightning streaking across sky

loud thunder rocking old stumps

magical wilderness sympathy

turning into sullivan pond

remote two-tire ruts

building small fire

winter blowdown shelter

brewing fresh coffee

tiny hot embers

watching eastern horizon

becoming first light

remembering early morning

many years ago

college professor

nursing last night’s hangover

with folger’s red label

for some reason

scribbling a poem

on wrinkled paper plate

quickly writing

another poem or two

stories about

birds and owls

black bears and trees

lumberjacks at log slide

warm lighthouse community

dark rogue wolf

hunting early breakfast

sable lake splake waiting

not realizing then

new person born

choosing right words

creating something new

now exciting challenge

as mayfly

teasing hungry trout


future footnotes

splake is currently working on a new manuscript of poems for dustin pickering, editor of
“transcendent-zero-press” in houston, texas.

in addition splake has established a serious connection with john burroughs, editor of “crisis chronicles press” in cleveland, ohio. burroughs and splake are negotiating a splake collection of poems to be published early in 2016.


photo featured in last train home, by t.k. splake


photo featured in last train home, by t.k. splake


photo featured in last train home, by t.k. splake