Month: October 2014

long white memories by t. kilgore splake

“yoopers” (michigan upper peninsula natives) often refer to their seasons as eleven months of winter and two or three weeks of tough sledding.

borrowing that theme, long white memories is the most recent collection of poetry by t. kilgore splake. his chapbook was published by “gage press” in battle creek, michigan. the book’s front cover is a painting of calumet, michigan in the winter by jane vanevera of gwinn, michigan. the back cover is a splake photograph of ancient sorel boots and well worn snow shoveling gloves.

the poet splake is currently looking for a small press editor that would be interested in publishing his new manuscript “last train home.”



# # #


after death



becoming a cloud

constantly changing shapes

floating over earth

moving where wind blows


# # #


graybeard waiting



slow painful steps

wilderness wandering

touching tasting reality

almost close enough

nature should let him in


# # #





sad piaf voice

soft betraying words

distancing love

broken promises

another heart chasing

someone new


# # #





agates describing

fiery volcanic explosions

crawling glacier whispers

before fish

leaving fossil lines

quiet echoes

along superior shore


# # #


always heading north



relentless focus

bolano jim harrison splake

crossing unnamed rivers

hiking toward mountains

seeking places

solitary beauty

abandoning greed

broken-hearted love

forgotten youthful dreams

living in pine shadows

running with wolves

soaring on eagle wings

dark clear nights

moon belongs to us


# # #


master’s of flat arts



academic poets

lacking serious imagination

explosive original visions

gpa important

needing constant praise

for fractured self-esteem

satisfied with traditional rules

grammar and punctuation

censoring others experimenting

with dangerous writing styles

fearful wordsmiths

living without

loving and fucking

blending sacred and profane

while bearded tattooed poets

needing madness to create

each morning deciding

suicide today

or writing something new



# # #

splake in long white